How To Plan For Your Health Care in Charlotte

Connecting threads of care

Reliable and Experienced Advocates in Charlotte’s Healthcare System

Most people can probably agree that doing research and planning ahead of time provides the best opportunity for good results in most situations. At Care Weavers, we are often called upon by families and care givers to provide help and support for loved ones who they see are in need or may be experiencing a change in health. There is always a great deal of discussion and concern about determining  the right time to add help or make a move. It may be hard to determine when the time is right, but we know that the worst time is under the pressure of an emergency or in times of duress.

Choosing The Right Aging in Place and Home Care Plan

We assist clients to age safely at home and better understand the trajectory of their disease process and associated costs to remain in place throughout the lifespan.  Understanding where the cost of staying at home outweighs the cost of moving to a community is crucial to planning and decision making.

Care communities, assisted living, memory care and skilled care

Let’s face it, none of us ever want to have to leave our homes, but sometimes our care needs or the cost of care exceed our ability to remain safely in place.  At Care Weavers we have expert knowledge of the Care Community industry and can help you make the most informed decision.

Many Care Communities want to sell you a “lifestyle” showcasing their luxurious amenities, fine dining and recreational offerings.  All of those things are important, but what you’re buying is the guarantee of assistance as well as health care.  Afterall if you didn’t need or anticipate that you would need care you wouldn’t be moving.  We can help you to understand potential needs and get answers about the quality and cost of care, while making sure you’re buying what you will need in the future. 



Dianna B.

There aren’t enough words or accolades I could give to Care Weavers for their help with my mom. Their knowledge and expertise were only surpassed by their care and compassion. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Robert L.

A wrap around service like yours is exactly what we need in healthcare. Care Weavers’ coordination of the many aspects of the care continuum to support our aging community is invaluable.

Kris S.

“Professional and very attentive to patients and family. Knowledgeable about healthcare and navigating through the system. Provided advice and so much help to us and the patient with Alzheimers. We couldn’t have done everything without them. Highly recommend Care Weavers!!!”

Tara H

My senior mother is diagnosed with multiple co-occurring disorders that cause her a great deal of pain, and confusion. Compounding the situation, she was hospitalized for 13 days. The treatment plan alone is a lot to take in. Add to that, trying to organize the opinions of multiple specialists, moms emotional/mental state, and trying to take care of my own family, I quickly became overwhelmed. Enter Cindy from Care Weavers. I don’t think I could have survived this weekend without her expertise, assistance, and ability to navigate a complicated hospital stay. Without hesitation, I highly recommend her service should you find yourself into the position of caring for an aging loved one.

Ann K.

I would HIGHLY recommend CareWeavers!! The help that I received from them has absolutely been invaluable!! If you need guidance with caring for an elderly parent or family member and you are not sure where to turn regarding facilities and ongoing care, please call CareWeavers in Charlotte. They are wonderful! I can’t say enough great things about this company. Cindy’s knowledge of the ever changing healthcare system is remarkable. She is compassionate and caring and helps take a lot of stress off your shoulders.

Candice W.

Care Weavers was invaluable in assisting me and my family when my mother suffered a stroke. I very quickly had to make numerous medical, financial and emotional decisions regarding my mother’s care needs. The Care Weavers team provided knowledgeable, personalized and expedient support throughout the progression of my mother’s illness. They researched and visited rehab and nursing facilities with me and helped make sense of quality scores and outcomes. I would highly recommend their services.

Carol R.

I am an avid tri-athlete. After a neck injury, I had seen an orthopedic surgeon who recommended extensive surgery that would have required 6-9 months rehabilitation. Care Weavers researched my injury and with their guidance, helped me obtain a second opinion from a physician who was interested in understanding my needs and goals. I had a successful less invasive out-patient surgical procedure that had me back to my training schedule in two months and competing in six. I am grateful for their expertise and services!