It can be overwhelming and scary to face a medical event or crisis. Whether it’s an acute event or a complicated quest for a diagnosis, there are often multiple doctors and nurses giving you lots of information. You may have family or friends with good intentions adding information or making suggestions, too.

In these circumstances, you can hire a patient advocate who is also an RN (Registered Nurse) to help. Having a Registered Nurse on your side can:

  • Shorten your hospital stay. RNs know how to avoid mistakes, anticipate gaps in care and help to expedite your care to shorten your stay in the hospital.
  • Help you understand the information being given to you by providers. Since they are fluent in medical terminology, they can translate into plain language and spend time making sure all your questions are answered.
  • Ask questions you didn’t think to ask. Having an RN on your side means they can ask questions about facilities, recovery procedures, and medications that can make a dramatic difference in your quality of care.
  • Get a second opinion. Finding another doctor for a second opinion may seem daunting, especially when you have a history with your provider. But RNs know what to look for and can help set up these additional appointments.
  • Make recommendations. One of the best reasons to have an RN on your side is to have their expert advice. As well-meaning as family and friends are, they just don’t have the experience of a Registered Nurse.

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