When you or a loved one must go to a hospital, often your primary concern is quality of care. You’re looking for the best place to get a diagnosis and treatment, and not necessarily thinking about whether the medical records tool that healthcare provider uses is connected to the last place you’ve visited.

In Charlotte, NC, there are two large healthcare systems: Atrium Health and Novant Health. Each has their own portal to access your records, appointments, bills, and other information. These two portals can be connected, so you and your providers can access your records from visits to hospitals and specialists within Atrium and Novant.

However, there may be some cases when you’d be seen by providers outside of those major healthcare networks, such as:

  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Small or independent physician offices
  • Going to an out-of-state hospital during travel
  • Entering hospice care

No matter the reason for it, providers without a complete picture of your medical history and medications are flying blind. They can’t identify potential risks and dangers in their recommendations that might be revealed by having all the information.

When you hire an independent patient advocate, they centralize all your healthcare information and ensure that your providers have all the records they need to give you the best possible quality of care. Because Care Weavers’ patient advocates have a nursing background, they can serve as your main point of contact and effectively communicate with providers on your behalf.

If you have any questions or would like to request a free assessment for yourself or a loved one, please contact us.