With Hurricane Florence approaching the Carolina coast, it is important to check in with family and friends. This is particularly true of older adults and seniors who may have less opportunity or ability to make preparations. Imagine being in a situation in which you have limited transportation and access to basic necessities or are without close friends and family support systems. Take some time to check in on those people in your life who may be in this situation.

The same things apply to older adults as do the rest of us when preparing for high winds, flooding and power outages. But there are also some additional things to be prepared for:

  • Older adults who spend more time alone in front of the television are more susceptible to the hype and media attention created by a state of emergency. Talk to your loved one and most importantly listen to what is causing them the greatest concern. It may not be as obvious as you think.
  • Help them take inventory of the things they need on a daily and weekly basis;
    • Medications
    • Dressing supplies
    • Oxygen or Nebulizer equipment
    • Catheters
  • If you haven’t already done so, assist in preparing an emergency evacuation kit keeping in mind dietary restrictions, medications, and mobility devices such as walkers, wheel chairs and canes.
  • If there is a pet in the home make sure there is sufficient food and medication to include in the evacuation kit.
  • Make sure that you include enough time to pick up any needed groceries, medications and supplies from the drug store.
  • If you have a loved one residing in Assisted Living or Long Term Care go to the facility and talk with administration. Make sure you are clear and satisfied with their preparedness about;
    • communication
    • evacuation plans
    • long term power outages
    • medication and supply inventory
    • maintaining necessary staffing levels

For detailed information about preparation check out this CDC site that has plans and guides to assist you and your loved one.