I am finding that most people I interact with are experiencing some level of anxiety in this troubling time. Cindy, Candice and I are concerned about the clients we serve as well as our own loved ones. We are connecting with people via phone and video when possible as well as communicating with associates in the healthcare community, and staff and leadership in adult living communities in our area.

At Care Weavers the core of our service is advocating with and representing clients in our complex healthcare system.  To achieve this we;

  • Form relationships with clients to understand what is most important,
  • Prepare families in the event of a crisis, and
  • Advocate when interacting in the healthcare system.

With the current pandemic that is gripping our communities’ visitors are no longer permitted in hospitals or care communities. Consequently, it has become even more essential for you to have pertinent medical information compiled and easy to find. In addition, this is a good time to complete or review your Advance Care Directives. Whether you pull medical and advanced care planning information together on your own or get help from a company like Care Weavers, we highly recommend that you do so now.

There are free resources online to help you in this process. However, some people may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of researching reliable information and initiating conversations with loved ones. Facilitating challenging discussions is a core component of our services. Care Weavers has taken a component of our “Parenting Your Parent” workshop and condensed it specifically for the challenges we’re facing now.  We also are available to assist with the development of Advance Care Directives from the comfort of your own home and facilitate conversation between you, your loved ones and Healthcare Power of Attorney.  Talking about end of life wishes can be intimidating and scary. However, when a conversation is approached with thoughtfulness and love, participants are grateful for the resulting clarity and reassurance that they understand a loved one’s wishes for care at end of life.

Our Tools:

We offer facilitated discussions with you, family members and agents through a fully secure, HIPAA Compliant tool that allows you to see one another and talk as a group.  At this time, we are offering discounted rates for Advance Care Planning Services in order to help as many individuals as possible to ensure that their end of life wishes is both known and honored.  Also, we have condensed our past medical history and inventory form to make this an easier process for you.

Email us to receive the forms or schedule a free 15-minute consultation.