How Can Care Weavers Help?

After getting through a medical event or crisis, the biggest challenges that a person faces is managing their recovery. The most crucial time for recovery is the period immediately following a medical intervention such as surgery or a hospitalization. It is crucial to optimize opportunities for healing and forward progress back to baseline. Not managing this well can cause major setbacks leading to more issues, further debilitation and pain down the road.

One of the services Care Weavers’ care coordinators provide is management of transitions during care delivery. Our friendly, professional team can help clients get the care and placement that they need in order to prioritize their recovery and health.

What Are Patient Care Coordinators?

Patient Care Coordinators ensure that patients are able to get all of the essential healthcare services needed to maximize the opportunity for full recovery. In order to get the best possible care and placement, it’s essential that you speak with a care coordinator as soon as possible. During a hospitalization that means engaging with a coordinator on admission. With a planned surgery, it means the point at which a procedure is scheduled. This ensures that the care coordinator has ample time to receive your records, take care of all of the necessary paperwork, and secure an optimal placement or make arrangements for care needed in home.  

Transitions between hospitals and rehabilitation centers or back home can be extremely stressful and pose a high risk recovery. Thus it is vital that this transition go as smoothly as is possible. Patient Care Coordinators assist in aiding this transition, so clients and families can focus on what healing and getting back to the things in life that they enjoy!

What Services Do Patient Care Coordinators Provide?

Education and Expectation Management

  • Unless you have experienced working with a loved one in this situation, it is very hard to anticipate and understand what needs to be put into place. If you have experienced a transition in care, it is likely that was difficult and you don’t want to repeat previous missteps. Care Weavers provides the education needed for clients and families to prepare for the next stage of recovery.

Communication Liaison

  • Unfortunately everyone who is involved with a patient’s care does not necessarily have all the information needed to provide the best options for care and prevent mistakes or delay in treatment. Care coordinators act as directors to make sure everyone has the information and data needed to do their job well and in the best interest of the patient. 

Review Patient Cases and Files

  • A care coordinator is also in charge of reviewing patient cases and information in order to ensure they are provided the best care possible. They review a client’s medical history and providers, insurance plans, to ensure there is a solid plan in place to meet all care needs not just those addressed by a surgical procedure or a hospital stay.  

Provide Other General Support

  • Obviously, the job duties of a patient care coordinator include many different things and these should be considered a jumping off point— not a full job description. Logistics always vary clinic to clinic and network to network, and thus medical coordinators wear many hats.

Benefits of Care Coordinators

Care coordinators service a vital position within the medical field. This service provides many benefits, such as;

  • Ensuring the best opportunity for full recovery
  • Easing patient and family stress levels during transitions of care
  • Improve patient care delivery by identifying barriers and potential gaps in  care
  • Making sure requirements for paperwork and documentation are met and in the right hands to avoid delays in treatment and care
  • Making sure there is appropriate follow up and communication post transition

Contact Care Weavers

Care Coordination is just one of the many ways Care Weavers can assist in managing. If your or a loved one’s health needs are changing, Care Weaver’s healthcare specialists are here to support you. We can assist with planning and decision-making related to where you choose to age, whether you need help with care community selection or intend on aging safely at home. 

Out passionate patient advocates can communicate with your healthcare team to ensure that your goals and priorities are reflected in your plan of care. If you have any questions or would like to request a free assessment for yourself or on behalf of a loved one, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you.