From the NY Times. Women Looking at her Mother in a Quarintined Care Facility

Be aware so you can make an informed decision.

We believe that it is important to be aware of Covid-19 cases in nursing homes, memory care and assisted living communities. The state of North Carolina has provided a blanket statement indicating that reporting 1 case or an outbreak defined as more than one case, would make the person(s) identifiable due to the small number of residents in a facility. As it stands it is a decision left to the Senior Care Enterprise or the Executive Director of these communities as to whether or not to disclose a case or outbreak to other residents and their family members. We have found that some of the communities in our region have sent communication to residents and family members stating that they will disclose if a case or outbreak occurs in their organization. There are others that have not.

We will continue to do diligence in helping to identify these communities for our clients and care givers. If you have someone living in a communal environment, we recommend that you ask questions about their disclosure policy and continue inquiring about anyone within their organization who has tested positive. That can help inform your decision as whether your loved one remains in the community or potentially seeks an alternate location until after the quarantine has been lifted.