Meet Our Charlotte Health Advocates

Cindy Hostetler, MSN, RN, BCPA

My love for older adults was fostered early by my relationship with my grandfather. He managed a Hardware store and during the summer, I spent my days with him playing in the store and riding along as he made deliveries in the lumber truck. I was only 12 when he died, and my memories of that experience are of seeing him in the unfamiliar setting of a hospital and the absence of him in the places we had spent so much special time together. I realized later that there was an overall lack of knowledge and planning for the changes and decline in his health status. It was my grandfather, and that experience that inspired me to become a nurse

I began my practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse and worked my way through Associates, Bachelors and Masters Degrees. Through my career, I have worked in various areas of healthcare delivery. I’ve learned the intricate and complex processes of a healthcare model that rush doctors and nurses in the delivery of care which is primarily focused on an illness or accident. This model leaves little time for communication, understanding needs or developing a relationship with individuals seeking care.

I would like to change that and work directly with adults and elders to understand their unique situations. My goal is to be at their side to aid in the navigation of the care process in the home through whatever setting their life may take them. As healthcare needs change, due to illness or a chronic condition, I can share my knowledge and help fill some of the “gaps” that exist in our healthcare system today.

Along with my advocacy work at Care Weavers, I volunteer with Hospice and Palliative Care of the Charlotte Region and treasure the time that I spend with older friends and family here in my community.

Elizabeth Pruett, BSN, RN, BCPA, Sacred Passage Doula

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and have worked in the healthcare field for over thirty years. Throughout my career, I have focused on working with teams to improve outcomes and provide a high quality of care for patients in the acute care setting. I provided bedside care to people of all ages and worked with innovative companies and technologies that enhance patient safety and improve delivery of care. A primary focus of my healthcare career has been on breaking down decision points for both care givers and patients so that there is clear understanding of options and their outcomes.

I have worked alongside physicians and nurses who typically want the best for their patients but cannot always spend the time or may not have the expertise to assist them in navigating the maze of care both inside and outside the walls of a hospital or doctor’s office. I have experienced the value of a knowledgeable professional at ones side to advocate and oversee the journey from home through various healthcare and living settings.

Supporting my father and mother through their last years reminded me what a great privilege it is to care for and about others particularly at end of life. I have a deep passion for expanding our communities knowledge of end of life literacy and have recently completed a Sacred Passage Doula Certification with the Conscious Dying Institute.

Along with my elder advocacy work at Care Weavers, I enjoy volunteering with Hospice and Palliative Care Charlotte Region while also encouraging the variety of plants and other living creatures that grace my Charlotte yard.


Jasmine Hathaway

I have a heart to serve others in difficult life circumstances, and I joined the Care Weavers team in 2024 to contribute my organizational skills and attention to detail to their healthcare advocacy work here in Charlotte.

My true passion lies in the work I do as an after loss professional. I founded Compass Coordinators to provide personalized, practical support to families after the death of a loved one. This was a need I experienced personally, when my husband died in 2015 and I found myself an overwhelmed widow and single mom to a toddler. There was so much work to be done and it was so difficult to navigate while grieving. As an after loss professional, I serve as an extra set of hands or an estate project manager, guiding families through what to do and when.

I use this knowledge and experience to help people get their affairs in order now, too. I am particularly interested in working with clients to come up with plans for their technology and online accounts, which is often overlooked.

I’m so pleased to be able to partner with Care Weavers to add this service as another thread in the tapestry of care they provide to their clients.

I grew up in Charlotte and am a graduate of Myers Park High School and UNCW. Outside of work, I am a leader for 4th & 5th grade Girl Scouts and enjoy reading, watercolor, and being outdoors.

Jasmine Hathaway, Care Weavers

Kris S.

“Professional and very attentive to patients and family. Knowledgeable about healthcare and navigating through the system. Provided advice and so much help to us and the patient with Alzheimers. We couldn’t have done everything without them. Highly recommend Care Weavers!!!”

Tara H

My senior mother is diagnosed with multiple co-occurring disorders that cause her a great deal of pain, and confusion. Compounding the situation, she was hospitalized for 13 days. The treatment plan alone is a lot to take in. Add to that, trying to organize the opinions of multiple specialists, moms emotional/mental state, and trying to take care of my own family, I quickly became overwhelmed. Enter Cindy from Care Weavers. I don’t think I could have survived this weekend without her expertise, assistance, and ability to navigate a complicated hospital stay. Without hesitation, I highly recommend her service should you find yourself into the position of caring for an aging loved one.

Candice W.

Care Weavers was invaluable in assisting me and my family when my mother suffered a stroke. I very quickly had to make numerous medical, financial and emotional decisions regarding my mother’s care needs. The Care Weavers team provided knowledgeable, personalized and expedient support throughout the progression of my mother’s illness. They researched and visited rehab and nursing facilities with me and helped make sense of quality scores and outcomes. I would highly recommend their services.

Anne B.

I just wanted to thank you for coming alongside my sister…she has just sung your praises. I’m just really, really grateful for your assistance and your care!

Robert L.

A wrap around service like yours is exactly what we need in healthcare. Care Weavers’ coordination of the many aspects of the care continuum to support our aging community is invaluable.

Carol R.

I am an avid tri-athlete. After a neck injury, I had seen an orthopedic surgeon who recommended extensive surgery that would have required 6-9 months rehabilitation. Care Weavers researched my injury and with their guidance, helped me obtain a second opinion from a physician who was interested in understanding my needs and goals. I had a successful less invasive out-patient surgical procedure that had me back to my training schedule in two months and competing in six. I am grateful for their expertise and services!

Ann K.

I would HIGHLY recommend CareWeavers!! The help that I received from them has absolutely been invaluable!! If you need guidance with caring for an elderly parent or family member and you are not sure where to turn regarding facilities and ongoing care, please call CareWeavers in Charlotte. They are wonderful! I can’t say enough great things about this company. Cindy’s knowledge of the ever changing healthcare system is remarkable. She is compassionate and caring and helps take a lot of stress off your shoulders.

Dianna B.

There aren’t enough words or accolades I could give to Care Weavers for their help with my mom. Their knowledge and expertise were only surpassed by their care and compassion. I HIGHLY recommend them.