Advocate with you

Using a patient centered approach to care allows you to ensure that the things most important to you are at the forefront of all decisions regarding your health. Working with you to save you time and alleviate the burden of logistics and planning to oversee your health care options.

How we help you navigate your health care options



  • Oversee care
  • Help you understand what good care looks like
  • Assist in managing crisis situations
  • Provide insight and guidance on points to understand
  • Speak confidentially with clinical team


    • Prevent crisis
    • Formulate roadmap as care needs change
    • Aging in place
    • Changes in living situations
    • Review living community contracts and financial impact


  • In home advanced care planning and discussions with loved ones


  • Care transitions at discharge or moves to other living communities
  • Medical appointments, procedures and follow ups
  • Services related to rehabilitation or home care
  • At the physicians office
    • Prepare medication lists and questions for appointments
    • Accompany clients to physician appointments for ongoing care, second opinions and consultations for surgeries and special procedures
    • Summarize visit for client and designated family members
  • In the hospital
    • Make regular visits to ensure any issues are handled effectively
    • Assist in the interpretation of medical jargon
    • Help make sense of options and the impact of decisions
    • Assist in planning for discharge and coordinating care in the home
  • At home or a transitional care setting
    • Assess adaptation to the environment, quality of care and subtle signs that may indicate change in health or psychological state
    • Provide feedback to designated friends and family
    • Coordinate community resources for support

Need assistance understanding your health care options?


  • Care options and second opinions
  • Technology
    • Assess needs and goals and provide options
    • Assess new technologies in terms of cost, benefit and ease of use
    • Provide installation support and training
  • Aging in Place
    • Conduct home assessment to identify safety issues and accessibility
    • Provide options for universal design architects and contractors
    • Recommend technologies that promote safety and independence
    • Provide options for in home assistance with meals, housekeeping, care etc.
  • Transitional Living
    • Understand your needs and desires if transitional living is necessary
    • Provide objective, independent research on area facilities inclusive of independent through skilled nursing care
    • Explain facility ratings in terms of quality and outcomes
    • Negotiate contracts to ensure a mutually beneficial and equitable agreement

Not sure where to start with your medical options?


  • Medications
    • Reconcile medication lists to identify possible duplicates, contraindications, and adverse interactions
    • Ensure understanding of how and when to take medications and why they are important
    • Set up systems or processes to make it easier to comply with medication schedule
  • Technology
    • Private instruction tailored to your needs
    • Options for personal technology purchases
  • Caregiver
    • Reinforce education provided at discharge in caring for a loved one
    • Instruction on basic care giving techniques
    • Provide options for more in-depth instruction and training

Caring for a sibling or parent can be hard. We are here to help!