Advocate with you

  • At the physicians office
    • Prepare medication lists and questions for appointments
    • Accompany clients to physician appointments for ongoing care, second opinions and consultations for surgeries and special procedures
    • Summarize visit for client and designated family members
  • In the hospital
    • Make regular visits to ensure any issues are handled effectively
    • Assist in the interpretation of medical jargon
    • Help make sense of options and the impact of decisions
    • Assist in planning for discharge and coordinating care in the home
  • At home or a transitional care setting
    • Assess adaptation to the environment, quality of care and subtle signs that may indicate change in health or psychological state
    • Provide feedback to designated friends and family
    • Coordinate community resources for support

Need assistance understanding your health care options?


  • Care options and second opinions
  • Technology
    • Assess needs and goals and provide options
    • Assess new technologies in terms of cost, benefit and ease of use
    • Provide installation support and training
  • Aging in Place
    • Conduct home assessment to identify safety issues and accessibility
    • Provide options for universal design architects and contractors
    • Recommend technologies that promote safety and independence
    • Provide options for in home assistance with meals, housekeeping, care etc.
  • Transitional Living
    • Understand your needs and desires if transitional living is necessary
    • Provide objective, independent research on area facilities inclusive of independent through skilled nursing care
    • Explain facility ratings in terms of quality and outcomes
    • Negotiate contracts to ensure a mutually beneficial and equitable agreement

Not sure where to start with your medical options?


  • Medications
    • Reconcile medication lists to identify possible duplicates, contraindications, and adverse interactions
    • Ensure understanding of how and when to take medications and why they are important
    • Set up systems or processes to make it easier to comply with medication schedule
  • Technology
    • Private instruction tailored to your needs
    • Options for personal technology purchases
  • Caregiver
    • Reinforce education provided at discharge in caring for a loved one
    • Instruction on basic care giving techniques
    • Provide options for more in-depth instruction and training

Caring for a sibling or parent can be hard. We are here to help!