Being Present

In the summer of 2016, Cindy and I moved my 93-year-old mother to Charlotte so that we could oversee her care in a memory care facility. We visit with her most days and over the course of months have come to know the other residents that reside with her quite well. It seems they are living out the last phase of their lives in a very tiny world. They live and die and are replaced with others but their personalities and stories stick with me. Read More

The Right Thing

Last summer, we moved my 93-year-old mother to North Carolina from her home on the Alabama gulf coast. She had been in an assisted living facility very near my brother and sisterin- law. In the previous 12 months, her life had changed drastically with the death of my father and the need to move from her house to an assisted living facility. She has been wheel chair bound for many years and could not safely live alone. She needed assistance with daily activities including meal preparation, bathing, and caring for her surroundings. Read More