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Our decision to start a patient advocacy service for older adults was primarily driven by two things. One is a deep love and respect for older adults and secondly over sixty years of combined experience working in healthcare.

We were both fortunate to grow up in environments that allowed us to be close to aging grandparents, relatives and friends. Those relationships brought joy to our childhoods and created special bonds that continue to affect our lives in many ways. As nurses, we both favored our senior patients that we felt fortunate to care for. They tended to bring a perspective that was unique, insightful and often humorous to difficult situations.

We have worked for years in our healthcare industry that very often serves the needs of the providers instead of those needing care. We frequently encounter situations in which people are unprepared to navigate a system that is not designed to steer them to decisions that may be the best solutions for their specific needs or desires. Older patients can be particularly at risk in this environment where there is little time for questioning and understanding the impact of even what seems to be the most trivial decision.

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The Mission of Care Weavers

The mission of Care Weavers is to put our passion, skills and experiences to work serving Charlotte seniors and their families in a compassionate and dignified manner. We strive to get to know our clients so that we can understand what is important to them. Working with that knowledge allows us to assist clients and families to gain an understanding of the options and decisions that will meet their care needs and support long term goals.

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